IPP-Set Special Forces

IPP-SET for the procurement of TNI Headquarters.

  • Head
    Ballistic Helmet FAST Series
    Modular Light NE MPLS
    Charge MPLS Helmet Light Mount
    NVG Mounting
    Ballistic Eye Glass
    Mantra Strobe
    Tactical Waterproof Camera
  • Upper Body :
    Counter Weight Kit
    Ballistic Vest Level IV
    Armor Plates
    Tactical Floatation Collar
    Triple Mag
    SMG Mag
    Gun Mag
    Smoke Grenade
    Double Frag
    Double Flash Bang
    Radio Pouch
    Utility Pouch
    Dump Pouch
    Organizer Pouch
    Water Hydration Carrier
    AVS Belt
    Map Armband
    Combat Trauma Kit
    G3 Combat Suit
    Tactical Backpack
    Tactical Fast Rope Glove
    Tactical duffle Bag
    Molle and Belt Adaptor
    Warrior Aid and Litter Kit
    Bleeding Control Skill Training Kit
    Assault Litter with Carrier
  • Lower Body :
    actical Elbow Pad
    Tactical Knee Pad
    Amphibian Boots
    Universal Holster