The IPP-Set (Integrated Personnel Protection) is a crucial personal gear for soldiers, supporting them in carrying out their duties optimally, especially in operational areas. We are dedicated to designing various IPP-SETs with diverse shapes and models tailored to the specific needs of each institution. This product includes protective accessories covering the entire body, from head to toe, designed to meet high safety standards. Utilizing abrasion-resistant Cordura 1000D fabric, our manufactured IPP-Sets ensure the toughness and durability of the product during field use, prioritizing safety and optimal performance for personnel in various duty situations.

IPP-Set Combat Garuda Kit

IPP-Set Urban Warfare

IPP-Set Special Forces

IPP-Set Raider Kostrad

IPP-Set Raider Kostrad tipe 2

IPP-Set TNI Komcad

Anti Riot

IPP-Set Jungle Warfare