MICH (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet) is a lightweight bulletproof helmet specially designed for special operations. This helmet combines excellent ballistic and non-ballistic protection while allowing seamless interaction with most tactical headsets and microphones used by special operations forces. With this combination of advanced features, MICH is the top choice for protecting personnel in high-risk special operations situations, ensuring effective communication and optimal protection.

  • Helmet protection with the lowest deformation.
  • Equipped with the J-FORCES Suspension System to enhance comfort and stability.
  • Complies with the performance, protection, and quality standards of NIJ (National Institute of Justice) Ballistic.
  • The foundation for all components and accessories of the J-FORCES Modular Protection System.
  • Compatible with NVG, masks, and communication devices.
  • Sturdy side rail suspension for the attachment of additional accessories
  • Enhanced protection covering the ear area and the back of the head.
  • Weight: 1,641gr
  • Color : Black, Army Green, Camo
  • Material Outside : Polyester Ripstop, Karet String. Stopper, Velcro, Webbing, Buckle, Polyester Mesh
  • Inside Material : Ladder Ring, Road Ring, Velcro, Webbing, Buckle, Sheepskin, Foam Padding
  • Size:  All size (customizable)
  • Level : NIJ Level III-A
  • Accessories: Side Rail, NVG mount